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1FiCS operates across sectors to help organizations in the food, manufacturing, utility and contracting industries.

The Restaurant Brands group of internationally recognised brands use several 1FiCS modules including the Audit module to conduct and analyse their extensive range of daily, weekly and monthly operational checks and asessments.  Comments, Corrective Actions and Improvement Opportunities can be tracked until completion ensuring that franchise standards can be maintained consistently across the whole country.

Actronic use the 1FiCS Incident module in their global electronics business to track and analyse feedback about their products to ensure that technical support is relevant, timely and effective.

Jemena use the 1FiCS Incident module in their emergency response departments to track, resolve and investigate all significant asset incidents.  This is a vital part of their obligations to the utility regulators.

ACG use the Contract module to administer customer relationships for their Gluten Free Certification Program based in Canada and North America

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