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Why is the 1FiCS approach different?

​Everyone is included When you implement 1FiCS, you get a single licence for unlimited users. We think that matters because governance, risk and compliance (GRC) is about EVERYONE getting involved - not just a few specialists. We're not just talking about everyone at your organization. What about your suppliers, contractors, customers, even regulators? Aren't they a big part of your GRC picture too? Good - because they can use the system as well.

Manage ​Risks at the 'Top and Bottom' Does your organization talk about 'Strategic' or 'Corporate' risks? Does it talk about 'Operational' risks? What does that mean exactly? All too often, it's a way of putting risks into silos for different people at the 'top and bottom' of the organization to think about. And all too often, it results in those different people going out and buying different systems. The result? - a lack of coordination between activities and events that actually,are closely related. In this blog by Norman Marks, he poses the same question and, rightly in our view, finishes with the comment "Personally, I prefer to focus on the risks that matter to the organization’s success. I just call them risks."

We also believe that all risks matter and should be manageable in the same space whether they are 'Corporate' or 'Operational'. 1FiCS allows you to do just that.

Grow and evolve your solution When you set out to address the challenges of GRC, you are on a journey that will never end. GRC processes are ultimately about mitigating the obstacles to the successful and efficient achievement of objectives. Those obstacles and objectives change, move, emerge, disappear - and all the time, you and your organization must adapt as a result.

It's the same with system solutions. We know that everyone is at different stages of the journey with different routes, resources and capabilities to work with. 1FiCS isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. We want to know what size fits you and your future growth.

With it's modular design - start with 1FiCS by addressing the big priorities - maybe it's getting a handle on your accidents or hazard identification processes or just your hectic meetings schedule! When you are ready, move on to deepen your level of control by integrating audits, surveys or training records.

And remember - we are a development company. If we haven't got exactly what you need for the next step - talk to us or one of our authorized partners about developing something just for you!

Different enough for you?

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