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We've formed a joint venture in Canada!

Since establishing a new office in Toronto Canada, we have been busy making new friends and contacts across the world of governance, risk and compliance.

As a result, we have formed a joint venture with Paul Valder Consulting Inc, to be known as PVC1FiCS - Check out the new website for more details.

This partnership brings together a wealth of experience and expertise and enables us to fully exploit the exciting opportunities available in Canada and North America. Perfectly located to access investment and growth around the Waterloo (Technology Triangle) region - PVC1FiCS offers end-to-end solutions that can transform organizations.

Services include a wide range of financial assessment & support options, operational improvement consultancy and of course technology solutions through the use of 1FiCS risk and compliance software. Food industry solutions are a special area of expertise and the venture is actively involved with many of Canada's largest food manufacturers and retailers.

Pay them a visit now! - WWW.PVC1FiCS.COM

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